Election Software

Live Control Room Management

  • Election Software War Room Management System solution employing the best of Geospatial technologies, Data Analytics and Artificial intelligence technologies to:
  • Effectively implement campaign strategy at state or country level with clinical precision and transparency.
  • Track real time voter clusters/sentiments, volunteer performance and last day voting tendencies.
  • Enables the party HQ to centrally manage all the volunteers and relevant resources across multiple
  • constituencies simultaneously inline to changing voter sentiments and campaign strategy.
  • Enable the party to mobilize its resources to specific areas which can bring maximum impact on the results
  • Provide deep analytical and actionable insights at volunteer, booth, ward, constituency, state as well country level.
  • Customized data analytics is also supported in this platform with further integration to other data input sources.
  • Bring transparency and professionalism in the campaign team with efficiency boost in managing time and resources.
  • It can be used as an operational tool to manage large volunteer teams as well as assess sentiments and interact with over 200 million voters simultaneously.
  • The team defined the scope and functionality of this platform in discussions with various political party campaign strategist and volunteer teams. This platform is rich with deep analytical reports as well as supports processing big data. The user interface is kept very simple and easy to understand to ensure different types of volunteers can use it.